Devil Inside

Richie hooked an arm each around Tico and Jon's neck. "Can you fucking believe that show, man?"

Jon blew his overlong bangs out of his eyes. "Helluva way to blow out of Oregon," he agreed.

Teek just grinned and sipped from his cup, no words necessary. Both the Devotion set, and their own had been full of fire and the crowd had been beyond pumped. Rumors from the previous night had infused the arena with a rowdy bunch of fans and they were more than ready for a repeat performance.

Snake came over with a sloshing red cup full of beer and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. "Holy fuck, man! I can't believe that fuckin' show!"

"That's what I'm sayin'!" Richie agreed.

There had been too much going on backstage for him to go out and play with the girls again that night, but Snake and Bas had done the honors which had only stirred the pot to a boil. By the time he and the guys had hit the stage the arena was pumped and that fed into his own playing, but more importantly it got Jon in the mood for an exceptional show. If his singer was happy, everyone was happy. That's just the way things were.

"Where are the girls anyway?" Snake asked.

Richie shrugged. He'd missed Steph all day. He'd heard that she and his sister had gone out on a shopping spree, but hadn't been able to catch a glimpse of them since.

"Steph is fuckin' smokin' tonight too, dude. Seriously, I wouldn't mind getting a piece of that prime--" Richie's chin lifted as his molars ground together. His good mood drained away faster than the first keg of the night. Snake didn't even finish his sentence. "Well shit, Rich, why didn't you say she was yours."

He opened his mouth to say that she wasn't, but it just wouldn't come this time.

"You know me, dude. I don't poach. Though I sure as shit wouldn't mind sharing her." Snake laughed through a haze of smoke.

"I love you Snake, but if you even think of trying to touch her, I'll break your fingers first and when you're crying in your spit, blood and piss, then I'll break your neck."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. I get it." Snake threw his hands up, his cigarette bobbing as he talked. He looked at Jon. "Man, we lost him huh?"

Jon tucked his fingers under his arms with a rueful smile, but stayed quiet.

"That's all right. That means there's more girlies for me, man! If the King of Swing is off the market, that means I finally get some prime pussy when I come to visit."

Richie's fingers curled tight around his own red cup and he tried to relax when he heard the lip crack. What the fuck was wrong with him? This woman was driving him insane, and he damn well didn't like it. She wasn't his, even if he couldn't spit it out to one of his oldest friends in the industry. He'd met Snake through Jon, hell he'd practically replaced him for all intents and purposes. Not that you'd know it from the way Snake acted around him. Jovi hadn't been the right fit for him. He knew it and Snake knew it, but a lesser man would have held it against him, but not the affable Dave Sabo. He was a good guy and didn't deserve his shit.

"Look man, I'm sorry."

Snake slapped him on the arm. "Dude, I can see why you'd be territorial. She's more than prime, she's epic hot! And the things she does with a Tootsie pop..." Snake laughed and stepped back. "I'm shutting up now, man."

Light blonde hair caught his attention and Richie turned. The woman slipped into the crowd of people, the flutter of long hair was the only thing he caught. He turned his attention back to his little group, laughing when Snake started in on a story about a show that had gone down in a flame of shit.

His eyes automatically scanned the party for Steph. Disgusted that he was looking for her, he focused on Tico and his raised brow. He only lifted his glass in salute and knocked back his entire beer. “I need a refill, anyone want?”

Snake nodded and so did Jon. He went in search of the keg and figured another night of oblivion was in order. The only thing that kept him from seeking her out was getting so drunk that he couldn't get his dick to work on demand. Again, a wisp of blonde hair teased the edges of his vision. He had a weakness for blondes, but since Steph he’d barely looked at the more than willing women that crowded the after parties.

Did that mean he was finally easing up on this obsession with Steph? It didn’t seem likely, all he did was think about her. Shit, he woke up with a hard on for her on a daily basis. And the last three songs he’d started included summer blue eyes and a smile that made a man feel like a king.

He was turning into a fucking sap.

Finally, he reached the keg and refilled the cups, turning back to find the guys in the throng of people. Before he could get back to them the same blonde filled his line of sight. From the back her hair was a waterfall of sinful thoughts. It was the kind of hair you wanted against your thighs and belly as a woman went down on you. It was the kind of hair that made a man want to wrap it around his hand and pull her head back to get to her neck.

His cock jumped in his jeans and he instinctively followed her. She melted into the crowd and he lost sight of her, only to catch another glimpse of her in along the wall heading out of the party. He put the cups on the nearest ledge and they were gone before he turned around.

Where the fuck did she go?


He pushed through the crowd just as she disappeared through a doorway. This time he caught more than the nearly spotlight white of her hair. An ass hugging skirt barely came down to her thighs. Then there was this little flip at the end where slits climbed her hips. A few inches of creamy thigh had a drop of sweat sliding down his back. It felt like forever since he’d gotten inside a woman and his dick was playing homing pigeon with this luscious piece of perfection. Guilt ate at his arousal, but he couldn’t stop himself from following her.

Steph wasn’t his yet.

He wasn’t cheating.

He just needed some release and then he could manage to hold her off just a little bit longer. The week long break would be good for them. He could put her out of his mind again, just like he'd been doing for years.

The click of heels in an empty hallway pushed him to walk faster. There hadn’t been a single woman that had turned him on in over two weeks. Ever since he’d had a taste of her, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. And finally, like a gift from heaven, a woman that could get him past this hump.

He grinned. More like he was going to jump her, then hump her. He’d make it so good for this girl and maybe, just maybe he’d be able to think like his usual self.

Wicked heeled boots hugged her from ankle to just above her knee leaving that fascinating and dead sexy three inches of skin bare. All he had to do was lift that skirt, move panties aside...Hell, she could leave the boots on.

He’d let her ride him for a fucking hour.

If he could last that long. No one had ever called him a minute man, but he just might be one tonight. She turned the corner to another side room and he chased after her. Christ, the chick was leading him around by the dick and he hadn’t even seen her face.

Not that it mattered, at this point he could just close his eyes and fuck her.

He could pretend she was Stephanie.

His cock banged against his zipper in time to his heartbeat. This chick's body wasn’t a far cry from Steph to be honest. She was tiny like her, curves in all the right spots and an ass that was created to fill his hands.

The blonde stopped and finally turned around. His gaze fell to her breasts. Full and firm, he groaned as he caught the tight nipples drilling out against the second skin black material. Chains held the shirt up and fastened into a collar around her neck. Yes, indeed he’d love to pull that hair back and get his mouth on her neck.

Then he saw the made-to-suck-a-man's-dick lips and the telltale white stick.

His heart stalled and his breathing halted in his chest.

Fuck no.

The pink stain of the stick slid across lips so dark and slick his cock wouldn’t let up even though he knew it was her. His chest heaved, taking the decision to breathe out of his hands. Finally he met her eyes, his lungs still trying to catch up with the sudden need for oxygen.

She walked toward him slowly. All that silky blonde hair fluttered around her nearly bare shoulders. There was no room for a bra, and she didn’t even try to hide the fact, as her full breasts slowly swayed with each hip rolling step.

He couldn’t move. Shit, he didn’t want to move. He just wanted her to touch him, to take away the decision for him at this point.

He couldn’t remember not wanting her. For years he’d dreamt of her coming to him like this. Okay, so there wasn’t a seedy storage room in his fantasy. There was just him and Stephanie and a room that only boasted a bed and candles.

But this Stephanie was better than the one he’d put together in his head.

She didn’t speak and when he opened his mouth as a last ditch effort to warn her off she placed one finger over his lips. He groaned when the tip of her finger slid down the middle of his lower lip.

“Shut up, Richie, and just take. You know you want to. I can see it." Her eyes dipped low and he felt her gaze as surely as if she'd stroked his cock. The soft fan of her lashes lifted and the direct, searing blue of her eyes bore into his.

He shook his head, even as he could feel his own resistance melt away to nothing. It was useless. It was going to happen and he might as well enjoy it. The trainwreck would come and he’d just have to deal with the aftermath.

Even if she shredded his heart.

Because he knew if he lost her at this point, it would kill a vital part of him.

She took out her tootsie pop and shoved it in his mouth before he could say another word. The cherry taste made his taste buds flood with saliva. If it the lollipop or the woman, he couldn’t tell. And when she pressed a light kiss at the center of his throat, he moaned.

“You know this is right,” she said against his skin.

He let his head drop back as the tip of her tongue swirled around his Adam’s apple and then lower to mimic the line of his T-shirt collar. Her hands slid across his chest, her thumbs brushing over his nipples unerringly before they disappeared inside his leather jacket and around his back to rake down and then back up.

His head snapped up as her touch came back around the front of his belly. Her nail slid under the button of his jeans. He could feel her knuckle saw back and forth along the line of hair that drew down into his zipper.

“Jesus, Baby.”

His gut quivered as she reached in just a little more and the pad of her finger circled the head of his cock. He couldn’t stop his hips from shifting higher and he hissed when the side of her knuckle cupped the underside of his head.

On her tiptoes, her lips reached his ear. “I want your cock in my mouth. And I want you to watch me as I suck you off.”

He swore, the lollipop hit the floor with a sticky click and his fingers were in her hair, wrapping around the insanely soft strands. He didn’t even try to resist her, he took her mouth like he wanted to take her, hard and fast. Her arm wrapped around his neck as she flicked open his button and jerked down his zipper. He hissed out a breath, gripping her hair to get at her neck. He wanted to taste every inch of her twice then go back and find room for thirds.

“No, dammit.”

The word itself stopped him in his tracks. Even through the buzzing his his own brain as all the important blood was now pooling into his cock, that one word never failed to jerk him into stillness. "What?"

She gripped him tightly and he knew in that moment he would be at her mercy. He'd wanted her to touch him for so long. Then he finally heard the voices in the hallway. The combined voices of Doc and Paul as they called for them all to get ready for the airport. They were heading to Vancouver on a private jet thanks to one of the PR guys from the party the night before.

His fingers bunched in her hair and when he heard an answering whimper from Steph, his dick hardened even more if that was possible. Did she like a little pain with her pleasure? Could she really be that perfect for him? Darker desires always lurked inside him, but he never let them out with the groupies. You never knew who would talk to who. Just to be sure, he tugged one more time and he shuddered under her touch as her eyes rolled to his, her teeth sawing into her lower lip.

The voices got louder as they came closer to the room they were in, but he took the time to lave his tongue over her lower lip and kiss her deep and hard before he drew away. She swore ripely and he could have echoed every sentiment. Would timing ever be their friend?

She gripped the leather of his jacket, dragging him down to her level. "If you walk away from me again, I will rip your balls off and feed them to you."

He couldn't stop the laugh even as a wince chased it. "Baby, you unleashed something that's never going to be able to be put in a box again."

Steph frowned. "What the hell does that mean?"

Before he could answer her, Paul ducked into the room. "Sorry to interrupt, but it's time to shove off."

Richie nodded and linked his fingers with hers. Then it was too crazy to even try to talk to her again until they landed in one of the limos that would bring them to the airport. The overflow of a great show and enough booze flowing between the two bands to open up a bar didn't give him a chance to talk to her again. They were all crammed in a stretch limo and Jon was playing bartender.

Before Steph could climb in and sit with the girls, he dragged her down next to him and slung his arm around her shoulder. Ignoring her startled eyes and the knowing smirk from his sister he accepted a red cup full of something he couldn't decipher. Whiskey, rum, or a mixture of both, he hadn't a clue. He took a fortifying sip and let the burn settle his nerves. Just maybe he could ease the hard on that was trying to rip into his belly if he numbed himself on alcohol.

Steph accepted her own cup of brew and he sat back. Instead of his hard on, he focused on her hair, letting the strands slide through his fingers as he talked to Tico about their return to Vancouver. And with each pass through her hair, he felt her relax next to him. He laughed when the limo hit a bump and the cup of ice Jon was preparing for the next drink went airborne.

"Dammit!" Jon slurred and shrugged before he went back to the bucket for more. "Pixie, hold this!"

Ashley bounced from one seat to another until she was crouched in front of Jon with a devilish grin. "I'll cup anything you want, Jon."

Jon wagged a finger at her and closed one eye as if to see her better. "I don't think I'd survive you cupping anything of mine."

Everyone laughed except for his sister. Instead, she just toyed with the ends of her...blue? Well shit, blue and almost black hair and kept her eyes on her boots. Was she high? Or just drunk? Or...he shook his head with a groan and shifted in his seat as Steph's hand dropped to his thigh. All thoughts of Jon melted away as he smiled down at her. He buried his nose into her sweet smelling hair. "You're playing with fire, Baby."

Instead of answering him, her fingers just inched up his thigh. He set his cup on top of her hand with a mild groan. It was going to be a long plane ride and it was well past time for him to take some control of their situation.

The whooshing roar of planes overhead signaled they were coming into the airport terminal. They didn't need to go through airport security this time. Instead the limo sidled up to the white and blue plane and came to a stop. They all unloaded, Doc disappearing to talk to the PR guy...Jerry, George, Jason...whatever the fuck his name was. It didn't matter, by tomorrow they wouldn't remember his name anyway. It was just one more guy looking to get close to the band and the next party.

Richie knew the game and played it well. He knew what was expected of him and never let Jon down when it came to doing his part at a party, but tonight...tonight he was going to focus on Stephanie and showing her just what she was going to get thanks to her teasing. Once he was through this door he knew there was no turning back.

Ten minutes later all their overnighters were lodged in the overheads. It was after 2am and the front of the plane was still going strong with a cooler full of booze infusing the party with enough juice to make it to Vancouver. But he didn't want that party. He wanted a private one in the dark at the back of the plane.

The jet was only a twenty seater so true privacy wasn't happening tonight, but he came up behind her before she could sit down. He slid his hand around her waist, the tips of his fingers finding the warm, silky skin of her belly. He didn't notice it before, but a thin chain circled her waist, arrowing down in a Y with a dangle toward the center.

He brushed his nose along the back of her ear, dragging in her soft scent as he tugged on the chain. "Come to the back of the plane with me."

She swayed back against him. The earlier siren strangely missing once they'd gotten on the plane. He didn't blame her for thinking he'd walk away again. He'd been doing it for months now, but that was over. She'd just have to learn that the next phase would be under his rules.

His thumb swiped under the chain, just below her navel. "I like this." She shuddered under his touch, prompting him to go one step further, cupping the front half of her torso, dragging her back intil his cock was lodged between her cheeks. "No more running, Baby. You're mine now."

The quick intake of breath was all he needed. He threaded his fingers through hers and led her to the back of the plane. The light was dimmer the deeper they got into the back. A bench seat took up the last row. Her eyes glinted in the half light, but there wasn't a word between them. Now wasn't the time to talk, he needed to show her what she'd unleashed with the slow teasing and relentless pursuit.

Maybe then he could give back a little of the destruction she'd caused.

He sat down, glancing at the front of the plane. No one gave two shits about them. He opened his legs, sliding down on the seat enough that he gave her plenty of lap to sit on. He guided her between his legs and slipped two fingers along one of the slits in her skirt until he could curl under the stretchy black fabric.

Her breath came in shallow puffs as he traced the seam of her panties and slowly drew his knuckle across the front and groaned. She'd soaked through the scrap of lace. He flipped up the skirt front and leaned forward. Her hands slid into his hair and held on as he breathed her in. His mouth watered and it took everything in him to stop. He wanted a taste, wanted to linger between her thighs and feel her tighten around his tongue. But not here.

He wanted to be able to take his time and to make her scream. Instead, he nipped at the material, dragging it away from the heat and heady scent of her pussy, letting it snap back against her skin. The quick jolt had her swallowing a gasp and he smiled against the lace. "I'd spend hours down here if I could," he murmured.

"Oh, God."

He grinned up at her, touching the tip of his tongue between her plump lips under the restrictive lace. He dug under the back of her tight skirt and pulled her panties down, forcing himself to let the flap of her skirt cover her. He knew if he got a look at her, he'd have no choice but to taste her. And that wasn't an option. Not now, not with an audience...not for the first time anyway.

He shoved her panties in his back pocket and topped her onto his lap, shifting her until she straddled him. His fingers coasted the narrow line of her back and up along her neck, dragging her down to his mouth. The kiss was slow and thorough. He could learn this part of her at least. The quick, unrestrained kiss after he'd nearly suffocated Doc was nothing compared to this. She seemed to instinctively know what he needed, drawing on his tongue and he hardened even more if that was possible. Her mouth around his cock would kill him, he was sure of it.

But now was for her.

He boxed up his own needs and tucked them away, focusing on showing her just how a man could worship a woman. The silky fall of her hair slithered around his wrist and fingers and he dug into the warmth at her neck. She tipped her hips forward and he felt the slick bump of her pussy against his zipper. He smiled against her mouth. "You're going to soak the front of my jeans in your juices by the time I'm done."

She moaned and the kiss went wild with need. She hung onto his shoulders and the light undulation of her hips against him tried to unlock that tight box of control. He twisted her hair in his hand, pulling her head back so he could get to her throat. "You have no idea how bad I want to fuck you. Almost as much as I want to make love to you for days."

She melted against him. "God, you can't say those things to me," she whispered.

"I want all that, but the moment I take you Baby, that's it. You're mine. Do you know what you've started?" Her arm came around his neck and he loosened her hair enough so that he met her gaze. He cupped her face, his thumb brushing across her lips, then her cheek. He watched her, drowned in her as he slid his hand between them.

She was silky smooth against his knuckles as he brushed her gently. Her breath caught as he grazed her swollen folds. "Oh yeah, so wet for me. I could slide my cock inside you right now and it would feel so good."

She closed her eyes. "You're killing me."

He twisted his wrist and probed with his middle finger, slipping around her tight clit, making sure each and every joint slid against it as he slowly sunk inside her. She was so wet, so tight, and so perfect that he barely held onto sanity as he stroked her with his finger. All the while he watched her, daring her to keep his gaze. On the next pass, he buried his forefinger in with his middle and pumped inside her, curling until he could push against her clit and then into her pussy tissues then stayed there.

He burrowed his nose into her hair, against her ear. "I want this to be my cock so bad, Baby."

She undulated against his hand. "Who would know? Just do it now. Please," she said on a strangled sob.

He fucked her with his hand, turning off the clouding lust that told him to just unbuckle and get inside her. Not here, not like this. He wanted to be able to savor the first time inside her. He turned his hand so that his thumb could circle her clit. Driving his fingers into her heat, he used every ounce of dexterity he had to get her off quickly. He couldn't take much more of this.

Not when he knew she'd finish alone.

The purring groans she gave off just about killed him and when she gasped he locked his lips over her mouth and swallowed all those sweet little sounds that had been haunting his dreams. When she stiffened in his arms, his fingers twisted into the hair at the base of her neck, dragging her head back as he rested his forehead against her chest. Everything inside him wanted to look under that skirt and watch his fingers gliding into her heat, but he knew that would just tip him over the edge.

He sat back, slamming his head into the back of the seat to break the hypnotic trance of watching her undulate over him. She rocked against him slowly, just a few more times and stilled. They were in their own little cocoon and he didn't give two shits about the outside world. She was even hotter than he'd thought she'd be. And he'd had the bar set high.

He slowly drew his fingers out, making sure to slide up and along her clit and was rewarded with one long shudder. She stared at him, her chest heaving and the color high on her cheeks. He gentled his hold on her hair and smoothed his thumb across her cheek. Her scent was everywhere making him so hungry he could barely restrain himself. He kept his gaze on hers as he licked his fingers slowly. When the last drop of her was gone, he closed his eyes to savor her.

He didn't even have a chance to ease out from under her before her mouth was on his, her fingers in his hair. She pulled away and pressed her forehead to his. "I can taste myself on your tongue."

His fingers gripped her hips. "You're killing me, Baby." She brushed her nose against his, her breath hot on his cheek as she tried to pull herself together. Understanding the uncontrollable needs pinging around inside her, he eased her against his chest and drew his palm down her back. "Shh, just relax."

"How am I supposed to relax? I'm so turned on I could scream."

He pressed his cheek into her sweet smelling hair praying that his body would cooperate. He was so hard, he could barely think. He forced a light tone into his voice. "Didn't I take care of you?"

She turned her head into his neck. "God, yes. But I want more."

He laughed, the movement had him silently sucking in air. He was going to explode. "Greedy."

She curled her arm around his neck and played with his hair. "You better believe it." She held onto him and all he could think about was doing the same. You couldn't die from a hard on.

At least he was pretty sure you couldn't.

Turning her so she was settled across his lap and curled into him instead of cradling his poor, tortured dick he focused on her shampoo, her light breathing, and making it through the next hour.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh heaven help me .... that was beyond hot .... more like a blazing furance .... I can't think or breath ... you write so very well.


PS Poor Jamie how long is going to be able to her and Jon a secret

Anonymous said...

After reading that amazingly written chapter the hotness of it, all I can say is, ABOUT DAMN TIME!

blushnscarlet said...

Poor Richie. He's finally ready and life interferes! This was just an amazingly sweet, hot tease. Awesomely crafted! :o)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until they actually hook up! Now that will be hot!

totallysambora said...

Wow!! That quite literally took my breath away. If it's that damn hot now, there's going to be an inferno when they finally get down to business

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until they have time to really hook up. O know they both want it and it will be awesome. Please write another chapter. I want to know how it goes.

Sambora's Answer said...

When are we getting more here?

Super_Kiwi said...

Oh I was one behind!

That was hot! So much desperation that I just wanted them to rip each other's clothes off and bang their brains out! God.

That was AWESOME. You seriously have a GIFT woman. Whew. When these two get their big moment, holy jesus. I'll explode.

rutpop said...

Hey he must have a serious set of blue balls by now. How about putting him/us out the misery....anticipation ;-)

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