Extended Hiatus

Well, due to some personal reasons I'm taking Devotion off the table.

I'm working diligently on the non-ff writing lately and hate to disappoint you guys, but it's taking priority. I've just about finished my first MS and outlined a 2nd book as well. I'll keep everyone updated of course.

You can watch my FF blog for any future jovi-fic or other info about me.

I'm glad you guys have taken Jamie, Steph and Co. into your hearts and followed their story. I might bring them back one day, but for right now their story will have to remain untold. 

Thanks for all the support you've shown over the years. It means more to me than you'll ever know.




Anonymous said...

Oh, Tara I could cry. That's excellent that your non-FF is doing so well though. What does MS stand for? I am severely going to miss your stories though. You better let us know if you get published. You have an amazing way with words and I would buy anything you put out.

TaraLeigh said...

Thanks, Amanda. I hope one day you'll get to find out and buy one of my stories. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence.

MS = manuscript.

The current one is about 200 pages which is 60,000 words. So I guess you could say it's a category length story. Like the ones Harlequin puts out every month. That length.

*crossed fingers* that the editors I send it out to want to buy it.

The Goddess Hathor said...

Oh Tara, I know how hard a decision this was, and I hope sometime you have the time to tell their story -- but not for a while. You have a lot of books to get out first :)

~ Hath

TaraLeigh said...

Thanks for the support, Hath.
It was hard to do-because I do love the insta-feedback from FF. It's addicting as hell.

Anonymous said...

Tara - so glad you are taking the plunge to become a published author. Your writing has grown and flourished over the years I've read your stories. So glad you are taking this step forward. No guts, no glory as they say. I know you will be successful one day and I hope it happens sooner rather than later. Your hard work will pay off for you. You'll see.

Please keep me posted on how your doing and how the writing is going and when you make it big, remember,I get an autographed copy...you promised, lol.

Hugs & best wishes my friend!! GOOD LUCK!!

TaraLeigh said...

Wow...thanks, Peg. Your lips to god's...or the editor's ears. ;)

Don't worry--I'll be bugging all of you to buy my work when I'm actually pub'd. ;)
And yes--an autographed copy will end up in cannananada.heheh
Well, 2 at least. Nik'll kill me if I don't send her one. haha.

jenny said...

Good Luck. your writing is wonderful. Who dares wins.

Can't wait to see your MS in stores.

FUR Lover said...

Tara, you are a great writer and you will be published before you know it.

You make it sound like a good bye, though :( we love you for more than your writing! You have my number, use it anytime.

And about that autographed copy so I can say I knew you when ....

TaraLeigh said...

Thanks, Jenny! I hope to be out there in everyone's hot little hands soon. I'll keep everyone in the loop.

Super_Kiwi said...

Aww even know I knew it was coming--hard decision as we all love your characters but for now it's time to work on the characters that will make your dream :)

I know it won't be goodbye, you love writing Jon far too much for that!

You'll knock em dead kid.


TaraLeigh said...


Aww--sweetie. No. I'm not going anywhere, you'll still see me on twitter and FB of course. And maybe even a short story or two online when I'm feeling the need.
I'm a Jonny girl to the end. ;)

Thank you--and yes, I have your numbers. Boy all these autographed copies! LOL I hope I actually get pub'd in print! LOL Will virtual sigs be okay if I only make your Kindles?


TaraLeigh said...

Thanks, Kiwi. Yes, we've talked about this a bit haven't we? *sigh* I hated to do it, but beyond my other books I'm working on, a personal issue happened which told me that it was time to end Dev for now.

You know me, can't keep the Jon muse down forever....


Anonymous said...

So very sorry to see this end, But good luck with your other stuff I’m sure it will be a grate success, you certainly have the talent.

And one again thanks for sharing.

Best of luck

Queenie said...

As sorry as I am to see this hiatus note, I am so glad you are working toward your dream.

You're going to be a NYTimes best seller one day my dear. I just know it!

I know I'll be seeing you on my Kindle soon, no autograph necessary. I have pictures, I've slept with you. I know what you look like in the morning... that's enough for me. LOL

Good luck darlin'!! (not that you'll need it)

JoviGoo said...

I know I may not have left many comments on your story, but I've been reading it, and I really did like it a lot!

I thought the thing of Richie having a sibling here was interesting, since he doesn't in real life. I've not read another story with that angle...

I'm saddened to hear about the Extended Hiatus you're putting this story on, but I suppose real life and doing things you love should take priority...

I really do hope you'll come back to this story and write more whenever you have the chance, though!!!! I've got it in my bookmarks, and I'll definitely be checking back every once in a while!! :)

Though does this mean you'll be taking all the chapters of it down for now?? Or will you just leave it up?

TaraLeigh said...

Charlie - Thanks so much. I won't ever say never. There's a great story to tell with these guys. It was a really hard decision to make.

Queenie - ROTF!! Why oh why are you telling our secrets to the world?! LOL But thanks babes. I'll start with getting pub'd and see if we can work from there. ;)

JoviGoo - Thanks so much. I still have so many ideas for the story, I just can't give it the time it deserves right now. It won't be gone forever, that's for sure.

And no, I'll leave the site up.

JBJBounce said...

As much as I love the story, and I REALLY do love it, I have to say it's about time that you're concentrating on your main MS. You WILL be published and the sooner you get that MS done the faster I can read a completed story by you and one in PRINT. You are by far the best FF writer out there (no offense to any of you other ladies, but it's MHO). Best seller list here you come.

Oh and Nik isn't the only one that will kill you if they don't get that autographed copy. LOL Now get busy!!!

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